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What is the meaning of crack in Hindi?

Meaning of crack in Hindi is : ज़ोर की आवाज़ करना

Definition of word crack

  • Highly trained and competent. (adjective)
  • A thin and usually jagged space opened in a previously solid material. (noun)
  • To form cracks. (verb)

Examples of word crack

  • Albret's nostrils expanded as he heard the _crack, crack, crack_ of the remorseless dog-whip whose sting drew him away from the vain pursuit.
  • Galen Albret's nostrils expanded as he heard the _crack, crack, crack_ of the remorseless dog-whip whose sting drew him away from the vain pursuit.
  • Now the darkness was cut by a bright flash of light right in front; there was the sharp crack of a rifle, and right and left _flash, crack, flash, crack_, ran along a line.
  • "Hurrah!" came from the right, and the cheer was taken up from the left, while _crack, crack, crack_, rifles were being brought well into play.
  • "Ready!" attacked in his turn, striking hard and as swiftly as he could, but _crack, crack, crack_, wherever he struck, there was the defensive sapling; and at last, with his arm and shoulder aching, the boy lowered his point and stood panting, with his brow moist with beads of perspiration.
  • What more the skipper would have spoken remained unsaid, for _crack, crack, crack_! sounding smothered amongst the trees, came the reports of the rifles and the replies made by Don Ramon's vedettes as they were driven in, and the skipper's eyes flashed as he placed a little whistle to his lips and blew shrilly, bringing his own men together at the run.
  • He slipped over the ragged mat which formed the eaves, and the next moment, _crack, crack, crack_, he was hanging feet downwards, and then fell heavily in a cloud of dust bump upon the trampled earth, in company with a snake about six feet long, which began to glide rapidly away.
  • These words drove all the heroic thoughts out of my brain, and I tried to look back to see how near our pursuers were; but I could not turn my head round, but only listen to the shouts, while _crack, crack, crack_ came the reports of rifles -- badly aimed by the mounted men, who fired from the saddle, holding their weapons pistol-wise -- the bullets from which went whizzing and buzzing past our ears.
  • Then flash after flash cut the darkness, and _crack, crack, crack_ came the reports of the rifles, as the men fired in what they believed to be my direction; but I heard no whistling bullet, and the firing ceased as quickly as it had begun, for there was the risk of my pursuers inflicting injury upon their fellows who led, and whom I could hear thundering along behind me, while with voice and knee I urged Sandho on at his greatest speed.
  • If they wanted to make the song more conservative they should have complained some other parts of the song instead. haha "crack crack crack* Sounds like some kind of subliminal message.