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What is the meaning of cover in Hindi?

Meaning of cover in Hindi is : सुरक्षित करना

Definition of word cover

  • A lid. (noun)
  • Of or pertaining to the front cover of a book or magazine. (adjective)
  • To place something over or upon, as to conceal or protect. (verb)

Examples of word cover

  • I don't post about cover art very often, since the bloggers who do..cover it pun intended better than I could.
  • I would buy it for the cover alone, though I know the story would be worth the money, too. *returns to staring at cover*
  • Have had it for 1 week now and never out of the house - just noticed a slight rattle from the LHS of battery or battery cover on lower side - have not had battery out so don't know if it's a battery cover or combined cover+ battery.
  • The Jordan cover fits the mood perfectly of the book and the Martin cover is very atmospheric.
  • The secret to catching big bass in cover is to fish in and around the heaviest stuff with a large lure, and work the lure so it causes a commotion in the weedbeds and is easy for the fish to find.
  • Other patents that feature his name cover the designs of distinctive Apple products such as the iMac, the iPad and the iPhone.
  • The Pulp of the Day blog uploads a new scanned-in cover from a classic pulp magazine or novel every day.
  • It's the title cover from an online computer game called "Anarchy Online" that I ...