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What is the meaning of courtier in Hindi?

Meaning of courtier in Hindi is : दरबारी

Definition of word courtier

  • A person in attendance at a royal court. (noun)
  • A person who flatters in order to seek favour. (noun)

Examples of word courtier

    • All my training and thoughts were centred here, not as what one calls a courtier at all, but as one of the household who feared the king and queen no more than
    • The Persian courtier is constantly on horseback, hunting with his sovereign in weather of all kinds, or accompanying him in journeys from one end of Persia to the other.
    • Now, the old woman sat no more at the door with her distaff -- the lank beggar no longer asked charity in courtier-like phrase; nor on holidays did the peasantry thread with slow grace the mazes of the dance.
    • But the disposition of a courtier is tame and submissive; and Capito seldom presumed to deviate from the sentiments, or at least from the words, of his predecessors; while the bold republican pursued his independent ideas without fear of paradox or innovations.
    • The Republican criminal class of the current generation has not slithered, cheated, bribed and whored its way to power without the active support and contrivance of the establishment media, which Digby has rightly described as a courtier class.


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