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What is the meaning of courtesy in Hindi?

Meaning of courtesy in Hindi is : सौजन्यता

Definition of word courtesy

  • Polite behavior. (noun)
    विनम्र व्यवहार।
  • Given or done as a polite gesture. (adjective)
    विनम्र भाव के रूप में दिया या किया हुआ।

Examples of word courtesy

    • Shall do a courtesy to our wrath] _To do a courtesy_ is to gratify, to comply with.
    • Latin courtesy is a highly refined art, of which exaggeration is a part.
    • It appears this "sub-horizonal" outrage will be allowed to stand without explanation, so, to help JMA's readership understand "sub-horizonal" here's some occurrences of the term courtesy of Google; chevron folds which have been overturned towards the south by subsequent sub-horizonal simple shear intensely folded with the sheet dip typically sub-horizonal or inclined gently
    • I learned the term courtesy of Fred Rogers not long after I'd learned to speak, and the concept of finding deep, lasting truth in imagination has since become a guiding principle in my life.
    • So Bound for Glory climaxed with Sting winning the title courtesy of an assist from Kevin Nash.
    • He explained that the word curtsey comes from the word "courtesy."
    • If I wouldn't recognise your name -- which might simply be an online handle -- it doesn't matter; point is, at least then you'd be distinguishable from the sort of trolling cretins whose "hit-and-run" posts are precisely the reason this courtesy is a convention in the blogosphere.