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What is the meaning of courteous in Hindi?

Meaning of courteous in Hindi is : सुसम्य

Definition of word courteous

  • Showing regard or thought for others; especially, displaying good manners or etiquette. (adjective)

Examples of word courteous

  • "If that's what you call courteous, I'd hate to see what you consider rude."
  • Thanking Mufamadi for what he described as courteous and friendly talks, Gibson expressed the hope of future co-operation in an effort to combat crime.
  • Rule 6: A blanket rule; being courteous is probably applicable in most f2f and online situations.
  • Yet before engaging in courteous battle of wits with the Welsh Windbag, I had seen the famous Silk pacing the small Robing Room at Lincoln Castle wracked with nerves before going into bat against an acknowledged second-rater of a judge.
  • So the trader went up to her in courteous wise and saw that she was wondrous beautiful and loveable, especially as she knew the Arabic tongue; and he said to the
  • Then he bared his head in courteous acknowledgement of youth and beauty, with an apology for his seeming intrusion.
  • Be affable and courteous is youth, that you may be honored in age.
  • In the online post, Liu was described as courteous and hardworking.