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What is the meaning of course in Hindi?

Meaning of course in Hindi is : स्तर

Definition of word course

  • A path, sequence, development, or evolution. (noun)
  • A normal or customary sequence. (noun)
  • A chosen manner of proceeding. (noun)
  • Any ordered process or sequence or steps (noun)
  • A learning program, as in a school. (noun)
  • A treatment plan (noun)
  • The itinerary of a race. (noun)
  • A racecourse. (noun)
  • A part of a meal. (noun)
  • The path taken by a flow of water; a watercourse. (noun)
  • Menses. (noun)
  • The trajectory of a ball, frisbee etc. (noun)
  • The direction of movement of a vessel at any given moment. (noun)
  • The intended passage of voyage, such as a boat, ship, airplane, spaceship, etc. (noun)
  • The lowest square sail in a fully rigged mast, often named according to the mast. (noun)
  • A row of bricks or blocks. (noun)
  • A row of material that forms the roofing, waterproofing or flashing system. (noun)
  • In weft knitting, a single row of loops connecting the loops of the preceding and following rows. (noun)
  • A string on a lute (noun)
  • A golf course. (noun)
  • To run or flow (especially of liquids and more particularly blood). (verb)
  • To pursue by tracking or estimating the course taken by one's prey. (verb)
  • colloquial variant of of course (adverb)

Examples of word course

  • But the real climax is reached when Kelly shouts over the telephone "Of course, in self-defense, you fool, _of course_, in self-defense."
  • OLIVIA: I'm being silly, I know -- of course I _ought_ to get married, and _of course_ this is a wonderful chance, and -- HUBERT
  • In place of, ‘the Aintree course is of a trying natureÂ’ we can surely say ‘Aintree is a trying courseÂ’ or ‘the Aintree course is a trying one’—just that and nothing more.
  • It has no railway station, which, of course, is a great merit; it's not to have any big blatant hotels or pensions -- nothing but charming bungalow-cottages; there'll be no pier, no band, none of those banal winter-gardens and impossible pleasure palaces that _ces autres_ delight in, and, _of course_, none of those immensely fearful concert parties and pierrots.
  • Of course she's played with me -- that sort always does -- but I think I might really have a chance with her, if it weren't for her mother -- horrible old -- no, of _course_ I don't mean that!


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