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What is the meaning of coupon in Hindi?

Meaning of coupon in Hindi is : सूदी

Definition of word coupon

  • A certificate of interest due, printed at the bottom of transferable bonds (state, railroad, etc.), given for a term of years, designed to be cut off and presented for payment when the interest is due; an interest warrant. (noun)

Examples of word coupon

  • It delivered a crowd of what she called coupon addicts—customers who bought several deals from a variety of sites and would bounce from one practice to the next.
  • Print off a 20% coupon from the internet and walk out for $160 plus tax.
  • Dividend payers are "like buying a bond, but the coupon is growing," says Sam Katzman, chief financial officer at Constellation Wealth Advisors.
  • According to tipster Rich Piotrowski, a former Quiznos franchise owner who won a counter-suit against the company, the big reason why some Quiznos were being jerks about taking the free sandwich coupon is that at first corporate was making the franchises pay for all the sandwiches.
  • Q2: When do you most often obtain coupon information?
  • Your coupon is still valid for a free gift of your choice.
  • With a bit of luck, you can use the 40% off any one item coupon from the paper, making them 12 for $6.
  • If they put them on sale at WalMart and he has a coupon from the gas station.
  • I stopped by Aqueduct Press with a handy 'buy 1 get second half off' coupon from the freebie table.
  • Obtain coupon when I get new information (eg, email newsletter)