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What is the meaning of count in Hindi?

Meaning of count in Hindi is : सोचना

Definition of word count

  • The male ruler of a county; also known as an earl, especially in England. The female equivalent is countess. (noun)
    एक काउंटी का पुरुष शासक; अर्ल के रूप में भी जाना जाता है, विशेष रूप से इंग्लैंड में। महिला समकक्ष काउंटेस है।
  • To enumerate the digits of one's numeral system. (verb)
    किसी की अंक प्रणाली के अंकों की गणना करना।

Examples of word count

    • Some pseudo code: min = 0 max = 10 found = false count = 1 while found = = false guess = (max + min) / 2 print Is your number $guess? input = getInput () if input = = "yes" print "yay I got it in $count guesses" found = true elsif input = = "lower" max = input count++ else min = input count++ end end print "game over"
    • So Ive made the script and made it copy the number written in the exceldocument, and then i try to use the following command: count++; increments count by 1 msgbox, iterationt = % count%
    • "UPDATE [arrest_charges] SET [statute] = @statute, [count] = @count WHERE [charge_rec_num] = @charge_rec_num"
    • CurlShowErrors () return startupload: count: = LV_GetCount () loop, % count%
    • You could fix this a few ways for ($x = 0, $count = count ($key); $x < $count; $x++)
    • = \% A_LoopField\% and no need for envadd, you can use count: = A_Index or count++