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What is the meaning of cost in Hindi?

Meaning of cost in Hindi is : व्यय या खर्च होना

Definition of word cost

  • Amount of money, time, etc. that is required or used. (noun)
    धन, समय आदि की वह राशि जिसकी आवश्यकता या उपयोग हो।
  • To incur a charge, a price. (verb)
    एक शुल्क लगाने के लिए, एक कीमत।

Examples of word cost

    • Implementing the changes will cost $666 million -- that big sucking sound you hear is the $$cost$$ of more BUSH lies.
    • VIEW FAVORITES yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'U.S. Medicare contract reform plan needs work: GAO'; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'Implementing the changes will cost $666 million -- that big sucking sound you hear is the $$cost$$ of more BUSH lies.'
    • The main reason was the sharp drop in oil prices and me steady growth in Brazil's domestic petroleum production, e.g., about 212 million barrels in 1988 at an estimated cost of $20 per barrel versus an “estimated cost” of alcohol of $45 per barrel according to Young (1989).
    • The second reason is, that the cost of living in cities (as has been ascertained) is about double what it is in the country -- to this _cost_ we must _add_, for the
    • "I very much doubt whether we can get it at all; but it must be had, cost _what it may_ -- ay, _cost what it may_."
    • Shifts in the AS Curve changes in the cost of inputs (any cost that would cause firms to offer more or less goods for sale at EVERY price)  cost of inputs cost of inputs leftward shift rightward shift
    • Made Popular: 8 hours 44 min ago - they steal millions to build mansions for their kin. cost for infrared radar to detect small boats on ocean: couple $mil. cost to shell Somali coast: another few $mil. cost to burn villages harboring, or benefitting (like those mansions) pirates, & wipe that smile off twizzle stick's face: $cost of matches.
    • I-Mate Ultimate 8502 cost 300usd iMate Ultimate 5150 cost$200. 00usd iMate Ultimate 6150 cost$ 230. 20usd iMate Ultimate 7150 cost $252. 60usd iMate Ultimate 8150 cost $285. 50usd iMate Ultimate 9150 cost $292. 30usd