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What is the meaning of corse in Hindi?

Meaning of corse in Hindi is :

Definition of word corse

  • A (living) body. (noun)
  • A dead body, a corpse. (noun)

Examples of word corse

    • Stay the corse is not the answer, how about a plan
    • Thy dead, murdered corse is the watchword, and, with God's grace, the victor paean of an emancipated, chastened, glorified Republic!
    • The corse was a review of the major english translated works of Baha'u'llah's
    • It may occur to some hypercritical person to suggest that the English language has frequently been murdered in my den, and that it is its horrid corse which is playing havoc at my home, crying out to heaven and flaunting its bloody wounds in the face of my conscience, but I can pass such an aspersion as that by with contemptuous silence, for even if it were true it could not be set down as wilful assassination on my part, since no sane person who needs a language as much as I do would ever in cold blood kill any one of the many that lie about us.
    • But don't forget the addition of these three lines, which are clinchers to Eve's speech. "] [135] [If Byron had read his plays aloud, or been at pains to revise the proofs, he would hardly have allowed" corse "to remain in such close proximity to" curse. "] [136] {272} [" I have avoided introducing the Deity, as in Scripture


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