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What is the meaning of correspondently in Hindi?

Meaning of correspondently in Hindi is :

Definition of word correspondently

  • In a corresponding manner. (adverb)

Examples of word correspondently

  • Counts will; and the Countesse, in sted of the Ladies vertuous daughter, was embraced by him in bed: the houre proving so auspicious, and juno being Lady of the ascendent, conjoyned with the witty Mercury, shee conceived of two goodly Sonnes, and her deliverance agreed correspondently with the just time.
  • WHEN I was fourteen I was living with my parents, who were very poor-and correspondently honest.
  • Give yourself up to any such blind antipathy, you are no less in the power of your adversaries than if, by a correspondently irrational sympathy and obsequiousness, you put yourself into the power of your friends.
  • Dirkovitch knew this as well as any one else, but it suited him to talk special-correspondently and to make himself as genial as he could.
  • And correspondently with this character, the movement which he headed, and which practically he carried forward to triumph, assumed from the beginning a marked political aspect, and sought to guarantee itself in new modes of political as well as spiritual action.
  • Their official rights and duties must be ascertained, and, correspondently, the rights and duties of the flock-matters all how distant from the scene of the Pentecost!
  • God by experiences correspondently enlarged, and itself by a consciousness correspondently illuminated.
  • They that have taken worlds into their love will have a love correspondently capacious, whereupon also it will be seen that their will is settled in firmness, and raised in majesty according to the vastness of impulse there is in the love behind it.