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  • In aiming to establish this, I may be thought to be endeavouring to establish a counter-thesis to that of the preceding essay on alchemy, but, in virtue of the alchemists 'belief in the mystical unity of all things, in the analogical or correspondential relationship of all parts of the universe to each other, the mystical and the phallic views of the origin of alchemy are complementary, not antagonistic.
  • Oral Language are, in a radical and important sense, repetitory of, or correspondential with, Musical Tones or the Elements of Music, as well as with Chemical Elements, and these again with the Elements of
  • Crude Natural Alphabet of Matter_, and be correspondential with _The
  • But, again, it is one of the demonstrations of UNIVERSOLOGY that all careers, that of the development of the Human Mind among others, pass through three Successive Stages correspondential with each other in the different domains of Being.
  • This is correspondential with the difficulty always experienced in adhering to
  • Suppose now that the primary sound _f_ had been scientifically discovered to be correspondential throughout all the realms of Nature and of Thought with _Superiority_,
  • The Elementismus or Radicismus of the Universe, correspondential with that of Language, consists of the Metaphysical, the Scientific, and the
  • The R.R. train seems to be a great stimulus to the acts of the higher epistolary activity and correspondential amicality in you -- a fact for which I have (occasional) reason to be duly grateful.
  • Single words which have been scattered entries in the index long used -- usually Scripture words of which the correspondential meaning is given -- are assembled alphabetically under the entry "Correspondences."
  • "Don't interrupt me -- have I not just said, that in the correspondential language of our Lord, Peter means