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What is the meaning of correspond in Hindi?

Meaning of correspond in Hindi is : स‌ंवादी होना

Definition of word correspond

  • to be equivalent or similar in character, quantity, quality, origin, structure, function etc. (verb)
    चरित्र, मात्रा, गुणवत्ता, उत्पत्ति, संरचना, कार्य आदि में समकक्ष या समान होना।

Examples of word correspond

  • The labels correspond to the lines on the Yamanote train line, while the hands correspond to where the train is at a given time.
  • _ Bring the envelope with you and you will see that the coins correspond to the impression in the wax.
  • Here the English long and short syllables -- as far as "long" and "short" can be definitely distinguished in English -- correspond precisely to the rules of Roman prosody.
  • Then St. Lusson (a sword in one hand and "crumbling turf in the other") cried to his French followers who applauded his sentences, to the savages who could not understand, to the rapids which would not heed, and to the forests which have long forgotten the vibrations of his voice, the words in French to which these words in English correspond:
  • Derai acknowledged the French word used in the passage, "enfer," might not precisely correspond directly with the English word "hell."
  • The extent to which the link text and the page title correspond may be expressed as a percentage of tokens which match.
  • Then, we began to "correspond" -- that is to say, we used to exchange about four letters a day; what we used to say in 'em I can't imagine.
  • The changes of the name correspond exactly to the changes in the narratives and the titles of the several pieces. "
  • Lieutenant Uhura, does the location of the distress call correspond with this area exactly?