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What is the meaning of corespondent in Hindi?

Meaning of corespondent in Hindi is :

Definition of word corespondent

  • One of two or more persons against whom a lawsuit is made; but especially a person charged with commiting adultery with the defendant in a divorce proceeding. (noun)

Examples of word corespondent

  • Don't you think 'corespondent' rather a good generic term for 'man of letters,' from the point of view of the country-town newspaper reader? ...
  • Her family were not overjoyed when she decided to become a foreign corespondent.
  • The Vienna corespondent of The Times says perquisitions and arrests continue in the villayet of Adrianopole.
  • “I could name you as corespondent in the divorce case, you know?”
  • Yet in Dietrich — who was named a corespondent by von Sternberg ' s wife in her divorce action — the director found a lover whose only obsession was with herself.
  • First he was going to be corespondent, and of course he absolutely adored that.
  • The good news is James Deckert will be a special Major Spoilers corespondent for Planet Comic Con, and should have something special for us over the weekend.
  • A Newsnight piece did give half a nano second to the relevant BBC World Service Africa corespondent and he listed it amongst others, but Newsnight left his single comment hanging.
  • There was a little dust-up in May 1901 when Flagler, seventy-one years old, was named as a corespondent in a Syracuse, New York, divorce.