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What is the meaning of conveying in Hindi?

Meaning of conveying in Hindi is :

Definition of word conveying

  • Present participle of convey. (verb)

Examples of word conveying

  • On the tenth floor, we got our drinks and took them to a window seat, a term conveying a grandeur that was sorely lacking in the Times cafeteria.
  • Slowly, I righted myself, my expression conveying my humor but also my extreme hate.
  • Soloists find them as multifaceted as the album title, a phrase conveying at least four different meanings - delighted, face-painted, improvised, differences settled.
  • As we can see, for the mass media, being a 'regime' (a term conveying a charge an of political illegitimacy) versus being a 'government' has not so much to do with the political and legal systems existing in a country but with the fact that the state in question is more or less willing to serve the political and economic interests of the Western powers.
  • John Leguizamon ‘Ice Age’, the first one, was enormously helpful in conveying enthusiasm and excitement about the movie and he was someone who the press liked.
  • And how good a record does sff have in conveying women of strength and purpose?
  • If could use paragraph breaks and dial down the unwarranted pomposity, you might have more success in conveying your points. ray l love says: