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What is the meaning of conveyance in Hindi?

Meaning of conveyance in Hindi is : हस्तान्तरण पत्र

Definition of word conveyance

  • An act or instance of conveying. (noun)
    संदेश देने की क्रिया या उदाहरण।
  • To transfer (the title) of an object from one person or group of persons to another. (verb)
    किसी वस्तु का एक व्यक्ति या व्यक्तियों के समूह से दूसरे में स्थानांतरित करना (शीर्षक)।

Examples of word conveyance

    • The issue of clear title conveyance is much more than a question of purchasing land under a trust in the restricted zone.
    • After the city tried to stymie metal thieves by banning the use of shopping carts (the main conveyance for scrap) off store premises, scavengers just switched to baby carriages, some stolen from porches.
    • Note 13: CPR, 1547, p. 148 (Oct. 7th); for other grants that employed the tripartite indenture regarding property in conveyance when Henry VIII died, see CPR, 1547, pp. 4; 13; 23; 39; 116; 151; 157; 161; 178; 179; 239; 241 back
    • The date of the conveyance is not given; however, it likely took place prior to Mary's marriage to Daniel Sanders and preceded Robert Carter's will of 1795, in which Mary was not mentioned.
    • Another twenty-three women appeared in deeds of gift and deeds of conveyance from the period.
    • Whatever you call the conveyance, a full rotating load supposedly contains the whole nine yards.