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What is the meaning of conversation in Hindi?

Meaning of conversation in Hindi is : स‌ंलाप

Definition of word conversation

  • The back-and-forth play of the blades in a bout. (noun)
  • To engage in conversation (with). (verb)

Examples of word conversation

    • Religious and philosophic conversation were ever-present in my home life, and the conversation was *always* that—a *conversation*.
    • Read also the following certificate of these men, which they gave to the public last spring; in which they admit some other conversation which they call _a free and unreserved conversation_, and protest against the
    • I had that conversation… only after just having a phone conversation with Shari — regarding the same nonsense.) (Oh… and as a second aside: Shari is a secret-covert-spy on diaryland… whom is a bit chicken… and signs up as a guest (refusing to set up her own tag name) … to read muah… and others - as listed above… oh my bubbles: in my proper PBS - drug-free - commercial tone…
    • Just remember, "conversation" comes from the Latin word for
    • One of my favorite responses when anything about conscious parenting, positive discipline, Non-Violent parenting etc. comes up in conversation is the “I turned out all right” statement.
    • The standout scene and most likely the one that will be brought up most in conversation is involving a mad chase scene with the killer and a very naked Irene (played with game enthusiasm by Rue).
    • The reason I think it does not come up in conversation is because most people do not get how important it is.
    • Anyone not engaged in conversation is hunched over a BlackBerry.