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What is the meaning of convalescence in Hindi?

Meaning of convalescence in Hindi is : स्वास्थ्यलाभ

Definition of word convalescence

  • A gradual healing after illness or injury. (noun)

Examples of word convalescence

  • Moreover, each several motion takes its name rather from the goal than from the starting-point of change, e.g. motion to health we call convalescence, motion to disease sickening.
  • This proceeding is crowned with the desired results; the convalescence is shorter and easier, and there is less danger of serious sequelæ, which, according to all experience, are so common in complicated cases of scarlatina, otorrhœa and suppuration of the parotid glands are generally avoided under this treatment without any other aid, or, if it is impossible to avert such changes, they generally come to a speedy and safe end.
  • The idea of this Christmas reunion had originated with Edith Monroe the preceding spring, during her tedious convalescence from a bad attack of pneumonia among strangers in an American city, where she had not been able to fill her concert engagements, and had more spare time in which to feel the tug of old ties and the homesick longing for her own people than she had had for years.
  • Consequently their convalescence is slow, but, like all the Tommies, they never complain, and thoroughly appreciate the Sisters, whose every effort is on their behalf, even to the extent of buying
  • Lord Ashburton, whom we had been led to suppose out of danger, made no progress in convalescence and then began to sink.
  • In many diseases, especially in convalescence from fever, that wall will appear to make all sorts of faces at him; now flowers never do this.
  • "They must have confidence that when they are injured due to their service, that they and their family will be fully cared for, right through their initial treatment to their long-term convalescence," he said.