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What is the meaning of contumacious in Hindi?

Meaning of contumacious in Hindi is :

Definition of word contumacious

  • Contemptuous of authority; willfully disobedient; rebellious. (adjective)
  • Willfully disobedient to the summons or orders of a court. (adjective)

Examples of word contumacious

  • Simply put, like whoever posted the diatribe "Traitors to Democracy, Traitors to America, Enemies of Democracy," you show your kinship to the Jacobins of the French Revolution; desirousness of murdering, oops, I should say liberating with extreme prejudice those who are "contumacious" of your socialist/fascist agenda.
  • She sighed especially over "contumacious"; it was so beautifully long.
  • She was in the act of fixing up "contumacious," and making it a little more un-English if possible, when the poke awoke her to her surroundings.
  • [FN#67] Márid (lit. "contumacious" from the Heb. root Marad to rebel, whence "Nimrod" in late Semitic) is one of the tribes of the Jinn, generally but not always hostile to man.
  • I believe she was pronounced 'contumacious' by the


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