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What is the meaning of control in Hindi?

Meaning of control in Hindi is : स॑यम

Definition of word control

  • To exercise influence over, to suggest or dictate the behavior of, oversit. (verb)
  • Influence or authority over. (noun)

Examples of word control

    • If she can't control her campaign how the heck can she * control* the giant bureacracy that is our government?
    • Grant it; and for the very same reason we wish steam with all the world; not that we may control the world, for this is costly and unremunerative, as Great Britain finds; but to conform it, and especially to _control_ its commerce.
    • The captain, must, therefore, control the company through the platoon commanders -- that is to say, he _actually directs_ the fire and the platoon commanders, assisted by the squad leaders, _actually control_ it.
    • These are the consequences inevitable to our public peace, from the scheme of rendering the executory government at once odious and feeble; of freeing administration from the constitutional and salutary control of Parliament, and inventing for it a _new control_, unknown to the constitution, an _interior cabinet_; which brings the whole body of government into confusion and contempt.
    • Power grids fail, ­chemical plants ­explode, air traffic control systems break down, ­satellites spin out of ­control and so on.
    • And as to the second point -- to wit, the failure on the part of the shipper to divest himself of the title and control of the property by a proper bill of lading -- see 3rd Phillimore 610-12, as follows, viz.: "In ordinary shipments of goods, unaffected by the foregoing principles, the question of proprietary interest often turns on minute circumstances and distinctions, the general principle being, that if they are going for account of the shipper, or subject _to his order or control_, the property is not divested _in transitu" _ &c.
    • May he not learn to see and hear them without attempting, or desiring to _control_ them, more than he does his associates, his friends and neighbors on the physical plane, or allowing them to control him? "
    • In his 1977 book, Dispatches, Michael Herr, who had covered the Vietnam War for Esquire magazine, applied the term control freak to “one of those people who always … had to know what was coming next.”