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What is the meaning of contributor in Hindi?

Meaning of contributor in Hindi is : सहयोगी

Definition of word contributor

  • A benefactor; someone who donates to charity or some cause. (noun)

Examples of word contributor

  • Another contributor is the vast pool of unskilled immigrants (Mexico being the largest source of them) that has flooded our labor market, displacing poor citizens and driving wages and benefits down.
  • What would you say is the main contributor to your success?
  • The next biggest contributor is the California Business PAC, the group representing the members of the California Chamber of Commerce, including Hewlett Packard, General Electric, Enterprise Rent-a-car, Pfizer, and Charles Schwab.
  • However, the single biggest contributor is Chevron.
  • Of all of the trivia shoved into the deep recesses of my brain, the greatest contributor is my father, James P. Fowler, Sr.