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What is the meaning of constitutive in Hindi?

Meaning of constitutive in Hindi is : संघटन

Definition of word constitutive

  • having the power or authority to constitute, establish or enact something (adjective)

Examples of word constitutive

  • Not unlike any other term constitutive of our political vocabulary,
  • "The new design of the referendum, which we call constitutive, will be acted on by Kenyans to adopt the draft constitution.
  • Our love-icons and constellations of love-imagery aren't perennials, they're rather what archaeologist Colin Renfrew calls constitutive symbols: "in defining symbols, we are not just playing with words, but recognising features of the material world with which human individuals come to engage"; "that engagement . . . is socially mediated, and it comes about when other features of the society make that feasible."
  • Such rules are the so-called constitutive rules, as opposed to regulative rules (the terminology is taken from Kant).
  • Mary Midgely's 1967 article “The Game Game” takes the argument further, in an attempt to refute Rawls 'claim that the notion of constitutive rules can truly capture the nature of a game.
  • For a brief discussion of the notion of constitutive luck see the following supplementary document:
  • Some theorists, notably Searle (Searle 1995), have sought to identify institutions with a particular species of rule, namely, so called constitutive rules.
  • The property that is constitutive of an event is essential to that event; thus Lawrence Lombard (Lombard 1986) calls the constitutive property of an event a "property essence" of that event.
  • My chief disagreement with Doug is over the extent to which interpersonal morality, and in particular a principled dedication to rights, can be identified as a constitutive part of human flourishing.
  • Jyoti Jaiswal, a research assistant professor and Sanford Simon, head of the Laboratory of Cellular Biophysics at Rockefeller University, examined the most common form of cellular export process called constitutive exocytosis, a continual ferrying of goods involved in the regular life and maintenance of all eukaryotic cells.