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What is the meaning of constituting in Hindi?

Meaning of constituting in Hindi is :

Definition of word constituting

  • Present participle of constitute. (verb)

Examples of word constituting

  • Paris, a Middle East fellow with the Council on Foreign Relations in New York from 1995 to 2000, stated that other spotlights would be Pakistan - which he described as constituting the "prize" -, "the most pivotal state in the Middle East," Egypt, with President Hosni Mubarak's succession pending, and Iraq where "corruption" of the Baghdad government would be the core problem without mentioning Obama's promise to withdraw occupation forces there.
  • I realize, of course, that he follows this with a kind of pragmatic incantation, for he says that in constituting respectively material and procedural means, the two types of propositions are conjugate, or functionally correspondent.
  • A settlement could be in fact reached around the provisional term “Republic of Northern Macedonia” (with the geographic term constituting a condition sine qua non for Athens), originally proposed by Matthew Nimitz, UN mediator in the negotiation over the dispute.
  • In other subcultures, “heavy” is a drug term constituting anything that requires a great deal of thought.
  • The proposition is composed of two terms and the copula, one term constituting the subject of the proposition and the other the predicate.
  • His winsome personality and democratic bearing have had a wonderful effect in constituting a personal bond between the Throne and citizens of the Empire in outlying Dominions and in the Motherland.
  • All the events between those two we speak of as constituting His "first coming."
  • Jacobins, invalidating the returns of a majority when not satisfactory to them, and rendering the choice of a minority valid, if it suited them, in short, constituting itself the chief elector of all local and central authorities.