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What is the meaning of constituted in Hindi?

Meaning of constituted in Hindi is : स‌ंस्थापित

Definition of word constituted

  • Simple past tense and past participle of constitute. (verb)

Examples of word constituted

  • Unlike Alabama, the BATF initially approved the Balthus label, though Mouton later requested that the approval be rescinded after allegations were made that the label constituted child pornography.
  • Obviously the term constituted a high compliment in Peter's estimation and the evident satisfaction that it afforded to Stella seemed to confirm the impression.
  • Then you are saying to me now, "On the other you state that a post that was not even directed at you and which did not even mention your name constituted bullying."
  • As a liberal I feel strongly that we need a sane, sensible conservative party as a counterbalance to my own side's view of the world - but the GOP as currently constituted is not that.
  • The political class, as constituted, is just a reflection of this imbalance.
  • The experiment of guarding a state prisoner whose household was determined to remain constituted and near her ended in April 1555.
  • McClintock (261) insists that nationalism is constituted from the very beginning as a gendered discourse tipped symbolically and materially in favour of men.
  • And the word constituted culture, because the word carried meaning.
  • It also provided an excuse for her household to remain constituted even if separated from her physically.