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What is the meaning of constituency in Hindi?

Meaning of constituency in Hindi is : मतदान क्षेट्र

Definition of word constituency

  • A district represented by one or more elected officials. (noun)

Examples of word constituency

  • I'm glad he clearly understands who his constituency is here.
  • The real vote he will have to explain to his constituency is the vote of confidence for the Kenyan/Indonesian in the WH. rob, austin tx
  • How sad that politicians can only think about themselves as if being the representative of a constituency is their paycheck versus the job they signed on to ... where, btw, the state voted 61% to select Obama as the Democratic nominee.
  • Again, in the interests of SNP Tactical Voting, putting your x for Ross Finnie in this constituency is a good plan.
  • Our poster display in the west of the constituency is astounding.
  • I think -- well, let's say, we will have what we call a constituency for Africa that will take these issues one at a time and deal with them appropriately; and help both the American public, the Congress, the business community to understand what we feel to be America's interests.
  • A further constituency is our co-regulators, both nationally and internationally and the rapidly increasing need for improved investigative and enforcement cooperation as world-wide trading escalates.
  • The right you have to vote in such a constituency is a positive right; it is given you by a positive law and it might be changed.
  • _ Eh! but he is subjected to a pretty severe competitive examination of his own, by what they call a constituency, who just put him to the test in the art of conjuring, to see if he can shift money from his own pocket into theirs, without any inconvenient third party being aware of the transfer.