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What is the meaning of consigned in Hindi?

Meaning of consigned in Hindi is : भेजा हुआ

Definition of word consigned

  • Simple past tense and past participle of consign. (verb)

Examples of word consigned

  • Not all the coins consigned to this ANA auction have been catalogued, and more Wreath Cents may be added to the listing.
  • Most of what MESDA consigned is Southern furniture.
  • There were not impressive collections of silver, copper, or nickel coins consigned to this event, though some important individual pieces were included.
  • August, when Knapp and Garland had held up the Rocky Bar stage and taken thousand dollars in coin consigned to the Greenhide Mine at Antelope.
  • The Palestinians Arabs have not been "consigned" anywhere.
  • So I kind of consigned him to research duties and I took over writing.
  • The Newburyport woman is "consigned" to the "hell" that is the cellar and is being kept and treated like a beast even though she exhibits an almost angelic piety.
  • While that is sometimes the case, especially with larger distributors, a savvy buyer can often find other distributors willing to provide a service such as consigned inventory in-plant store by shopping around.