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What is the meaning of consent in Hindi?

Meaning of consent in Hindi is : स्वीकृति देना

Definition of word consent

  • To express willingness, to give permission. (verb)
  • Voluntary agreement or permission (noun)

Examples of word consent

    • This language carries to the human mind, with irresistible force, the idea of _two distinct states_ -- one a state of _freedom_, the other a state of _bondage_: in one of which, a person is serving with his consent for wages; in the other of which a person is serving without his _consent_, according to his master's pleasure.
    • Yea, sir, if you deny that the "Declaration" asserts "all men are created equal" in body and mind, then you admit the inequality may be such as to make it impossible that in such cases men have rights unalienable save in their "consent;" and you admit it to be impossible that government in such circumstances can exist in such "_consent_" But, if you affirm the
    • Doesn't informed consent imply that the patient was actually * informed* of all the relevant, reasonable, and legal treatment options before they gave their * consent* to receive, or not receive, a particular treatment?
    • II. i.25 (435,2) If you shall cleave to my consent, Then 'tis,/It shall make honour for you] Macbeth expressed his thought with affected obscurity; he does not mention the royalty, though he apparently has it in his mind, _If you shall cleave to my consent_, if you shall concur with me when I determine to accept the crown, _when 'tis_, when that happens which the prediction promises, _it shall make honour for you_.
    • The Governor replied that I must first obtain consent from the doctors, the doctors insisted that my heart was in a condition to make the routine of floor-washing, plank bed, etc., injurious to me.
    • When our consent is divided special interests gain consent.
    • "Of course, we want this to be with their consent, but where that consent is not forthcoming we do not apologise for granting local authorities powers to secure occupation without the need to obtain consent."
    • And what always usually happens, Wolf, is when the majority can't get 60, you work out what we call a consent agreement under which both sides get to offer proposals.
    • In this way we would get the right of suffrage just as much by what you call the consent of the States, or the States 'rights method, as by any other method.