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What is the meaning of consensual in Hindi?

Meaning of consensual in Hindi is :

Definition of word consensual

  • With permission, with consensus, without coercion. (adjective)

Examples of word consensual

  • But investigators say his DNA was found on Kercher's body, and he has admitted having what he describes as consensual sex with the British woman.
  • Kobe Bryant was cleared of sexually assaulting a hotel employee, but he admitted having what he described as consensual sex.
  • Strauss-Kahn, disgraced former boss of the International Monetary Fund, had his foreign affair'' at the Sofitel Hotel in New York City, what he characterized as consensual sex with a maid and she called sexual assault.
  • The attorneys dodged questions about whether Strauss-Kahn acted inappropriately - what he described as a consensual sexual encounter with Diallo being, clearly, infidelity to his wife.
  • Letterman declared that Cain is the first candidate this year to use the word 'consensual.''
  • Pitino, who is married, was never charged, though he admitted having what he called consensual sex that lasted just 15 seconds, because, he said, she told him she was "extremely fertile."
  • He admitted in court using the Viacom ruse 30 times over 10 years to get women into his vehicle for what he called consensual sex.
  • Investigators said the plan was for Green to pose his victim for pictures, which he would use to blackmail her into having what he called consensual sex with him once a week as "a treat."
  • These priests could easily go out and find gay males their age, or each other for that matter, and engage in consensual gay sex.