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What is the meaning of conning in Hindi?

Meaning of conning in Hindi is :

Definition of word conning

  • Present participle of con. (verb)
  • Present participle of conn. (verb)

Examples of word conning

    • Ret-conning is probably inevitable in any type of franchise where there is more than one author/artist.
    • (The site has now grown to some 20,000 registered members, and Berry estimates that about 10 percent of them are actively engaged in conning the con artists.)
    • The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, a pious, silly man, who spent his time in conning over the traditions of Mahommed, with averted face made the first sword-cut, and then the Under-Secretary of State and clerks of the Foreign-Office hewed their victim into pieces.
    • Smith insisted he didn't care about making any more money but the principle was paramount; he was furious at the idea of a major label conning him out of making the record he wanted.
    • Early though it is, the Senator has already been up and dressed over an hour; and he has spent the time unprofitably, in glancing over his diary of two years ago, in conning, that is, the record of that strange, exciting fortnight which so changed his own and his children's lives.


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