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What is the meaning of congratulation in Hindi?

Meaning of congratulation in Hindi is : मुबारकबाद

Definition of word congratulation

  • The act of congratulating. (noun)

Examples of word congratulation

  • I am glad that these sites exist but the self-congratulation is getting a little much.
  • Page 6 official congratulation from the Secretary of War to the commander of our armies, "Thanks be to Almighty God for the great victory with which he has this day crowned you and the gallant armies under your command," was enough to awaken the most latent patriotism, and to make each loyal heart beat with gratitude.
  • Lord Palmerston had scarcely shaken hands with the Speaker, in congratulation upon the end of a dull Session, when the Premier was hurrying Yorkshirewards to shake hands with
  • As you are waiting, it will tell you what channels that it is scanning and how many of them are digital when it is done you will see the word congratulation the initial setup is complete.
  • Again congratulation, "FORWARD FOR EVER, BACKWARD NEVER" USA
  • The appearance and opinions of those they had left behind them prompted them to this kind of congratulation, with just a thought of compunction at the back of it for their own better fortunes.
  • I have found among my old papers a kind of congratulation and exhortation which I made to myself on dying at an age when I had the courage to meet death with serenity, without having experienced any great evils, either of body or mind.
  • How hardly will poetry consent to employ such words as "congratulation" or
  • Surprised by this kind of congratulation, but also much amused by it, as if there could be nothing so ludicrous as the idea of May not marrying a man who loved her as he loved, Gabriel gravely responded,