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What is the meaning of confined in Hindi?

Meaning of confined in Hindi is : सीमित

Definition of word confined

  • Simple past tense and past participle of confine. (verb)
  • not free to move (adjective)

Examples of word confined

    • Going into what we call confined area landing sites -- CALS -- which is precisely what I was talking about, that last meter of dry land and that rooftop.
    • Kisumu or Port Florence (a term confined to the harbour) is a flourishing town built on a hill overlooking Victoria Nyanza.
    • Once a term confined to the personal-speak of high-minded tech geeks and derided by critics as a bogus marketing ploy, cloud computing today is arguably the hottest trend sweeping the information technology industry sector, investors, analysts and entrepreneurs say.
    • Albert Holland is a psychologist for NASA who's worked with astronauts in confined spaces like the International Space Station.
    • But the lessons of Chile's nitrate boom and bust, which helped spur worker rights movements, should not remain confined to the desert.
    • And it may be true that the "discipline" -- literature as submitted to the protocols and conventions of academic inquiry -- can't remain "confined" to the question of aesthetic beauty, but this is a problem not for literature per se but for the subject "literature" as it is defined within the academic curriculum.
    • Avoid being in confined areas with smokers: riding in cars, public places, home.