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What is the meaning of confin in Hindi?

Meaning of confin in Hindi is :

Definition of word confin

Examples of word confin

  • To fight at Ilion; from whence his fate-confinéd feet
  • She pretends, that she was too volatile, too gay, too airy, to be confin-ed to sedentary amusements.
  • There were no longer any confin - ing banks, only a waste of water glittering through the dark foliage.
  • And grief and joy, nor can the groveling mine In the dark dungeon of the limbs confin Aflert the native Ikies, or own its heavenly Nor eling mine, t ifin'd, I ivenly kind.
  • To fa - vour their progrefs in ripening, the fol - lowing cautions have been put in prac - tice: To take them from the trees when dry; to lay them carefully in a heap, fo as that none of them may be brufed; then they place them in a warmer part of the confervatory, and cover them clofe to keep up their perfpiration; which confin* - ing the moiflare will efFedl.
  • Ducal nel luogo ditto Brucio in confin di S. Moise, et fece riedificar la isola di Eraclia. "
  • His colleague whom I had the honor to follow (Mr. Wheaton) what* everelfe he might nothave proven, in his very learned, ingen - ious original expofition of the powers of this government — afiex - pofition in which he has fought, where no body before him has looked, and no body after him will examine, for a grant of our powers, the preamble to the Conftiunion~has clearly fluewm V S40 CONGRESSIONAL REPORTER. td the fatisfactifcti of all who heard hifri, that the power is confin*
  • In procefs of time, God was plea&d to reveal more particularly to Abraham in reward for his faith and obedience, that he (hould be the Father of a nation from which was to come the Mefliah j it was neverthelefs at the fame time declared that the gracious cffedls of his coming (hould not be confin - ed to the Jewifh nation, but be of univer - fal concern and advantage.
  • Jones very (hrewdly fufpedied, that Sophia herfelf was now with her confin, and was denied to him; which he imputed to her refentment for what had hap - pened at Upton.