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What is the meaning of concurrence in Hindi?

Meaning of concurrence in Hindi is : सहमति

Definition of word concurrence

  • Agreement; concurring. (noun)

Examples of word concurrence

  • The whole bill passed “in concurrence,” which I believe is a way to pass a bill without an actual vote count.
  • The concurrence is necessary on the bill, not the vote.
  • The concurrence of both houses would be needed to pass either bill or both, and so such concurrence is at least partially needed for the vote in question.
  • I let him tell me in concurrence with the doctors, and then we go from there.
  • Obviously Weitz filmed something like the book's ending, but in concurrence with New Line studio cut those final scenes to make the movie shorter and less downbeat.
  • We are in concurrence with proceeding with this mission.
  • The article seems to connect free will with our consciousness; a subconscious decision is not in concurrence with our free will, and I wonder: why not?
  • Judge Gajarsa in concurrence argued that the drug was discovered not invented, making it unpatentable subject matter.
  • ` ` We are in concurrence with whatever the league has offered us, and whatever the commissioner said we support and will abide by, '' Thomas said.