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What is the meaning of concubine in Hindi?

Meaning of concubine in Hindi is : रखैल

Definition of word concubine

  • A woman who lives with a man, but who is not a wife. (noun)
  • A slave-girl for sexual service prominent in all ancient cultures. (noun)
  • Signifies a relationship where the male is the dominant partner, socially and economically (noun)
  • A woman attached to a man solely for reproduction, and who cares for the resulting children without any romantic relationship. (noun)
  • a woman residing in a harem and kept, as by a sultan or emperor, for sexual purposes. (noun)
  • A woman kept by a man who is high in hierarchial society in addition to his wives, e.g in the imperial harem or within a household. (noun)

Examples of word concubine

  • The south-east's property shortage could be solved overnight if London's single blokes were forced to take a live-in concubine (or rent boy, if they're that way inclined).
  • Caliph’s concubine is also drugged by the Lady Aubaydah.
  • When he explained his fear that I would otherwise be called his concubine and that the scandal would harm the revolution, I agreed.
  • The practice, abolished in 1921, meant that the child of a Crown Prince and a concubine was the legal heir to the throne.
  • A concubine was a kind of institutionalized mistress, acquired and discarded at will.


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