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What is the meaning of concoction in Hindi?

Meaning of concoction in Hindi is : मिश्रण

Definition of word concoction

  • Digestion (of food etc.). (noun)
  • The preparing of a medicine, food or other substance out of many ingredients. (noun)
  • A mixture prepared in such a way. (noun)
  • Something made-up, an invention. (noun)
  • The act of digesting in the mind; rumination. (noun)
  • Abatement of a morbid process, such as fever, and return to a normal condition. (noun)
  • The act of perfecting or maturing. (noun)

Examples of word concoction

  • Actually, this concoction is an example of a colloidal suspension - a mixture of tiny, but not molecule-sized bits of one substance suspended (floating) in another.
  • This concoction is sure to please anyone who appreciates a whiskey sour.
  • While the play's the thing, one thing for sure in this particular brave new world concoction is that there is no Prospero in it.
  • This delicious concoction is my entry to both this week's edition of YeastSpotting and also to Zorra's yearly roundup of World Bread Day (get your entries in by the 16th to participate!).
  • This concoction is like one of those with ten shots of cherry.


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