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What is the meaning of conclude in Hindi?

Meaning of conclude in Hindi is : स्थापित करना

Definition of word conclude

  • To end, to come to an end. (verb)
    समाप्त होना, समाप्त होना।

Examples of word conclude

  • For the _distinctions_ are found, many of them, but we conclude _no precepts_ upon them '; it is induction then that we want here, after all -- _here_ also -- here as elsewhere:' the distinctions are found, many of them, but we _conclude no precepts_ upon them: wherein our fault is the greater, because both HISTORY,
  • Whether or not they truly want the bill dead is not necessarily something you can conclude from the fact that they seem to be trying to kill it.
  • I think what we can safely conclude is that Dr. Caplan is busy with classes that have started up in the last few weeks, and responding to students, and scholarly research.
  • "It is extremely difficult to conclude from a reading of the plain text of the ASA or its legislative history that Congress intended such a result," he wrote.
  • Nemo, Dory and Marlin conclude their dangerous journey, searching for a way to rescue their dying reef!
  • But to continue and conclude: is the category "honour killings" useful?
  • And while the verbal branding will please royalists and harrumphing anti-modernist aesthetes, it's too early to conclude from a single press conference that the promise that the games will drive the regeneration of East London is being watered down.
  • All I can conclude is that the evidence of Obama's collapse is so obvious (even to CNN) that they absolutely must cover it to retain the shred of credibility they seem to still have.
  • Or, better: I cannot conclude from the invention of Klein bottles that there is a culture which has been drinking from them for millennia.
  • So did Darwin conclude that the designer was not beneficent?