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What is the meaning of comprehensive in Hindi?

Meaning of comprehensive in Hindi is : व्यापक

Definition of word comprehensive

  • Broadly or completely covering; including a large proportion of something. (adjective)
  • A comprehensive school. (noun)

Examples of word comprehensive

    • The Bush administration tended not to use "comprehensive," a code word for peace between Israel and all its remaining Arab adversaries: the Palestinians, Syria and Lebanon.
    • First, we dropped the word comprehensive from the title of the bill.
    • He uses the term comprehensive immigration reform a lot more often.
    • As a price for this deal — which will likely require Berlin committing to lend more money to weak euro-zone states if needed — Germany wants what it calls a comprehensive agreement aimed at improving the competitiveness of euro-zone countries' economies.
    • Besides summit diplomacy, he says China will pursue country-specific, region-specific and area-specific diplomacy in what he described as a "comprehensive" and "coordinated way".


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