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What is the meaning of comport in Hindi?

Meaning of comport in Hindi is : के अनुकूल होना

Definition of word comport

  • Manner of acting; conduct; deportment. (noun)
    अभिनय का तरीका; आचरण; निर्वासन

Examples of word comport

  • PS: Tom Delay's aide said he probably won't meet with me because I don't "comport" myself properly.
  • The conclusion reached in the foregoing pages that the animal sculptures are not "exact and faithful copies from nature," but are imitations of a general rather than of a special character, such as comport better with the state of art as developed among certain of the Indian tribes than among a people that has achieved any notable advance in culture is important not only in its bearing on the questions previously noticed in this paper, but in its relation to another and highly interesting class of sculptures.
  • The States and their officers are bound by obligations imposed by the Constitution and by federal statutes that comport with the constitutional design.
  • "The bottom line is, everybody's got to comport themselves," he said.
  • Mr. Browne said the data also show that stops "comport by race with victim crime reports."
  • So the idea that reunification caused per capita GDP in Germany to crater, while it has a surface plausibility, does not appear to comport with the data.
  • Positive law that does not comport with the natural law (law intended to protect natural rights of individuals) always and everywhere, without exception, ends in the Rule of Man — via the Miracle of Selective Enforcement if via no other means.
  • Despite the extensive examinations of the issue offered by CRS and the Indiana Court of Appeals, WND has apparently chosen to ignore them because they don't comport with WND's anti-Obama agenda.
  • Mr. Browne, the police spokesman, maintains that the stop numbers "comport by race with victim-crime reports."