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What is the meaning of compline in Hindi?

Meaning of compline in Hindi is : पूरिका

Definition of word compline

  • the last of the canonical hours, sung just before retiring (noun)

Examples of word compline

  • I have done the Office every day since Ash Wednesday -- on good days going through the morning rite, the service for midday, evening prayer, and a compline before bed; on days when I performed the tasks of a single dad sometimes only saying part of the Office.
  • The quiet time after compline receives a similar treatment.
  • When the Weiler choir nuns sang the antiphon Salve regina one night at the end of compline, a nun saw the Virgin Mary enter the choir with the Christ Child on her arm. 74 At Adelhausen, the Virgin Mary was also seen in the choir during the singing of Salve regina. 75 And at Töss when the choir nuns sang the antiphon, Mezzi Sidwibrin would shout, "Sing, sing, God's Mother is here!"
  • However, many of the antiphonals belonging to male Dominican houses were broken up into two volumes for winter and summer usage. 106 Occasionally, houses had diurnals, manuscripts containing antiphonal materials for the daytime offices but excluding compline and matins.
  • In her introduction to the Töss text, the author describes the silence observed by the early sisters of her house: "They were also so soft and quiet with words and with work that during the day it was as quiet in the cloister as if it were after compline."
  • Such behavior was common, for almost all of the nuns of Adelhausen are said to have wept in the choir and the dormitory after compline, loudly enough to be heard at quite a distance. 132 Anna Turner was not among them.
  • But the emphasis in the passage is on what transpired after compline.
  • To keep a medieval focus: I often sing with a compline group at Columbia, on Sunday nights.
  • When they were at their devotions, it was then throughout the cloister silent and serious, as if it were silent Friday, and always after compline the crying was so great in the choir, and also in the dormitory when they were before their beds, that one could hear it from afar.