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What is the meaning of complementarity in Hindi?

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Meaning of complementarity in Hindi is : पूरकता

Definition of word complementarity

  • The state of being complementary (noun)

Examples of word complementarity

  • I was so stunned by Oz’z misuse of the term complementarity that I didn’t even notice Gary’s response.
  • The word complementarity was coined in 1998 when Sarkisian's predecessor, Robert Kocharian, was elected president to describe the country's policy of staying friends with its military ally, Russia, and the United States, which has a large Armenian diaspora as well as Europe and Iran.
  • This is the matter of black hole complementarity, which is that the observers outside and inside a black hole observe the same field amplitudes, but in complementary forms.
  • OZ: There's a concept called complementarity, just to blown your brain for a second.
  • But it's the notion of complementarity that has become particularly important in the current socioeconomic context, which combines a fragile recovery and widespread unemployment
  • Searching for them and working to improve their complementarity is our logical choice of action, when caught in the jaws of IPCC declared needs for action and citizen resistance to change induce by political action.
  • It can also block prosecutions by invoking the ICC tenet of "complementarity," which recognizes national courts as having the first call for instituting legal proceedings.
  • He defended a sacred "complementarity" of the sexes, essentially relegating women to the service of others and to her own biology, from which she is cautioned not to seek "liberation."
  • Decision making (for example, deciding whether we should invest in conservation of area A or area B) may require only estimates of relative gains in represented variation offered by different places (their "complementarity" values).

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