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What is the meaning of complement in Hindi?

Meaning of complement in Hindi is : सहायक

Definition of word complement

  • A voltage level with the opposite logical sense to the given one. (noun)
  • To complete, to bring to perfection, to make whole. (verb)

Examples of word complement

    • As the objective complement generally denotes what the receiver of the act is made to be, in fact or in thought, it is sometimes called the _factitive complement_ or the _factitive object_ (Lat. _facere_, to make).
    • And if we’re testing “innate” intelligence, we’re obviously testing the wrong thing (s), because the freakin’ genetic complement is (essentially) unchanged throughout life. clarice: (2) You suggest we have enough examples of bad nurturing and we should do something about that.
    • Because a complement is not required/possible after an adverb?
    • The complement is to separate a fish open as good as nail it to a board, which is afterwards placed in a immeasurable open grate to cook, as good as sizzle, as good as smell customarily smashing good.
    • A complement is needed to second-year CB Darrelle Revisy.
    • CINCINNATI — Wide receiver Antonio Bryant was released on Sunday by the Cincinnati Bengals, who signed him to a four-year, $28 million deal last March thinking he would be their long-term complement to Chad Ochocinco.
    • If the subject complement is a personal pronoun, it must be in the nominative (subject) case.
    • It may be asked why the action of the complement is so fleeting in the white corpuscles, when it lasts much longer in the humours taken from the organism, such as blood serum.