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What is the meaning of commute in Hindi?

Meaning of commute in Hindi is : भारी दण्ड के स्थान पर हल्का दण्ड देना

Definition of word commute

  • To regularly travel from one's home to one's workplace, or vice versa. (verb)
  • To pay out the lump-sum present value of an annuity, instead of paying in instalments. (verb)
  • To pay, or arrange to pay, in gross instead of part by part. (verb)
  • To reduce the sentence previously given for a criminal offense. (verb)
  • To obtain or bargain for exemption or substitution; to effect a commutation. (verb)
  • To engage in a commutative operation. (verb)
  • The route one takes to travel to a workplace or back. (noun)
  • The distance of that route. (noun)

Examples of word commute

  • Personally, I love to drive, so the commute is actually part of my leisure time.
  • (We're about to learn that she drives a vintage Mustang convertible, probably inherited from the father Paul reminds her of and that she holds onto for sentimental reasons, sure, but also for the sheer fun of driving it --- her commute is the highlight of her day.)
  • Figuring the cost of the patrol car, the patrolman's time and the overall distance covered, the cost per mile for her commute is astonishing.
  • One of the legs of my commute is a short hop down the Green Line that starts at the station at Aviation and Imperial.
  • But most of the time, I just feel extremely grateful that it works for me, because my commute is AWESOME! anne