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What is the meaning of commentator in Hindi?

Meaning of commentator in Hindi is : समालोचक

Definition of word commentator

  • A person who comments; especially someone who is paid to give his/her opinions in the media about current affairs, sports, etc. (noun)
    एक व्यक्ति जो टिप्पणी करता है; विशेष रूप से कोई व्यक्ति जिसे करंट अफेयर्स, खेल आदि के बारे में मीडिया में अपनी राय देने के लिए भुगतान किया जाता है।

Examples of word commentator

  • I don't know who this commentator is (other than the guy that takes over for espn3 in the evening in Paris), but this is what happens when you're commentating on a match you don't care about and you're all alone in the booth.
  • I agree that our average commentator is somewhere between 16 and 20 years old.
  • "I remember the state of the economy when Gordon Brown took over ... he has turned the .. around ... no economic commentator is predicting that our economy will shrink" REALLY!
  • I wonder if that sports commentator is related to Senator Feinstein?
  • In it, he argued that the role of the artist as a critic and commentator is as important as that of the politician.
  • Second; The Statistics about these types of sites confirm that the average commentator is a white middle class male.
  • The most remarkable commentator is Jeannette Parmenter, the daughter of one of the men whose murder was blamed on Sacco and Vanzetti.