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What is the meaning of comment in Hindi?

Meaning of comment in Hindi is : सम्मति देना

Definition of word comment

  • A spoken remark. (noun)
    एक बोली जाने वाली टिप्पणी।
  • To remark. (verb)
    टिप्पणी करने के लिए।

Examples of word comment

    • Of course that was supposed to be "throw" - Note to self: * must preview comment - must preview comment - must preview comment*
    • Note: with most comment templates you can use $comment here, in order to display the gravatar of the commenter.
    • ; Add Header for image file format: = "P3" comment: = "#File made in Autohotkey" hight: = scan_y_end - scan_y_start width: = scan_x_end - scan_x_start colors: = "255" file_data = % format% % comment% % width% % hight% % colors% % scan_current_line%
    • ; Store comment for finding blanks later. shortName: = FileShortName (A_LoopField) nameHash: = String2Hex (shortName) varName = comment\%nameHash\% f_TestVarNameLength (varName) comment\%nameHash\% = \% comment\%
    • This will append the newly created @comment model to a dom element with the id of comments by rendering the comments / comment partial.
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    • Eda's comment translates as one of the most beautiful run-on haiku's I've ever read:
    • Jon closed the piece with the title comment, "Oh, the delicious taste of senseless fear."
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