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What is the meaning of command in Hindi?

Meaning of command in Hindi is : हुक्म देना

Definition of word command

  • An order, a compelling task given to an inferior or a machine. (noun)
    एक आदेश, एक अवर या मशीन को दिया गया एक सम्मोहक कार्य।
  • To order, give orders; to compel or direct with authority. (verb)
    आदेश देना, आदेश देना; अधिकार के साथ मजबूर या निर्देशित करना।

Examples of word command

    • Most browsers have a command to enlarge text – on my Mac Firefox, I just hit command-+. mrg replied to comment from Wayne
    • This example uses the @command decorator to declare that the function is a django-boss command.
    • * Send command to smtp server function server_send ($command, $private_info = false) fputs ($this - > socket, $command. " ");
    • He was in command from the outset Monday, despite the miserable conditions.
    • Having her 2nd in command is too scary for me. bernice
    • But Obama couldn't be comfortable feeling that his canny second in command is quietly engineering a comeback. rose, texas
    • The slander about John Kerry's Purple Hearts and courage in command is fallacious at best and spuriously shameful.
    • Except for low-level grunts caught on tape and one top figure (who says not without justification that she's the scapegoat), no one in command is being punished.