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What is the meaning of comer in Hindi?

Meaning of comer in Hindi is : प्रत्याशी

Definition of word comer

  • one in a race who is catching up to others and shows promise of winning (noun)
    एक दौड़ में जो दूसरों को पकड़ रहा है और जीतने का वादा दिखाता है

Examples of word comer

  • Luv luv luv that Jay Baruchel, a home grown Canadian boy and up and comer, is in this video.
  • Calling him an up-and-comer is an understatement - he's already a phenomenal actor who has been in quite a bit, you just haven't come to memorize his name and his face yet, but you will soon enough.
  • Strombel informs Sondra that Peter Lyman, a handsome London aristocrat and political up-and-comer, is actually a serial murderer known as the Tarot Card Killer.
  • Perhaps Welch's oddball tales of "deep diving" into the many forlorn crannies of General Electric with some young comer from the Appliances Division fascinate the business elite.
  • In another comer was a fairly large puddle of congealing puke.
  • In a comer was the large wooden cupboard; close by, the table; a bench against the wall; on the other side of the door the sink and the pump.
  • If the comer is a traveller, assist him as ye are able; but let him not stay with you but for two or three days, if it be necessary.
  • The comer was a young girl clothed in a white woollen garment, which was bound about her waist with a green cord; she was bareheaded; on her feet were thick sandals, bound also with thongs of green.