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What is the meaning of columnist in Hindi?

Meaning of columnist in Hindi is : स्तंभलेखक

Definition of word columnist

  • A regular writer of a column, such as in a magazine or newspaper (noun)
    किसी स्तंभ का नियमित लेखक, जैसे किसी पत्रिका या समाचार पत्र में

Examples of word columnist

  • Kim, If I didn't know better, I'd swear the columnist is a man ... a typical "Good Ole Boy" Maybe she went to one of those fellas for her answer to the husband's question.
  • Tell the truth, I'm more frightened by a certain local weekly that prints a column from an extreme right-winger from Missoula, a column that fools a great number of readers into thinking that, because the columnist is a professor at a state university, he has any honesty, any merit as a rational, truth-telling journalist.
  • NOT A LOT OF SYMPATHY FOR UMPS: Speaking of the umpires, this columnist is an unabashed admirer of many of them.
  • And Paul Krugman, the Nobel laureate and New York Times columnist, is taking his fellow economists to task again for not offering solutions.
  • To be more specific, it seems the columnist is painting conservatives with a VERY broad brush, and in the process defeating the purpose of convincing anyone of the validity of his arguments.
  • Consult your doctor before deciding whether a career as an advice columnist is the right step for you.
  • No matter what Mr. Obama does, no network or columnist is reporting news objectively.