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What is the meaning of colonize in Hindi?

Meaning of colonize in Hindi is : बसाना

Definition of word colonize

  • Alternative spelling of colonise. (verb)

Examples of word colonize

  • Like there is no inherent reason, nor drive to 'colonize' the bottom of the Marianne Trench in the Pacific.
  • The last Quebec Supermarket chain which displayed a similar ignorance and arrogance about Ontario that was called "Maxi Plus", bankrupted itself seeking to "colonize" Toronto.
  • Even in an attempt to counter the notion of export led growth and contraction in the textile industry, statements such as these in a sense "colonize" caste and make it serve the master of the model.
  • It sounds odd to hear the word "colonize" characterized as obscure-it had been in use from Bacon's time, 1622; and is one of our commonest and most generally understood words.
  • Foursquare is a game that allows users to "colonize" their city.
  • While some may argue that it's no big deal for people to know you're not at home, since you're not saying where your home is, PleaseRobMe points out that other friends might be trying to "colonize" your home via Foursquare.
  • The site is constantly updated with "new opportunities," and you can filter the search results by location or Twitter username. that allows users to "colonize" their city.
  • To study Western Civilization is to affirm your intent to "colonize" weaker nations and peoples.