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What is the meaning of colliding in Hindi?

Meaning of colliding in Hindi is :

Definition of word colliding

  • Present participle of collide. (verb)

Examples of word colliding

  • As more objects go into orbit, spacecraft will begin colliding with — and being shattered by — debris.
  • These images eloquently capture the sense of eras colliding, which is a core part of many China stories — including Meyer's own.
  • One is the idea of colliding bubbles, pursued by Aguirre, Johnson, and Shomer and by Chang, Kleban, and Levi.
  • Tinker's exemption from First Amendment protection of expression colliding with the rights of others seems particularly pertinent in these two categories of litigation.
  • But on A jungle of sounds and nature's call colliding in six cinematic songs most fully appreciated in their immediate environs.
  • More boring, but you still have that kind of colliding and bumping.
  • So, again, these worlds kind of colliding, one of top of each other.
  • Weak gravity waves are all we are likely to ever detect from distant astrophysical sources, such as colliding black holes and other violent events.