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What is the meaning of coinciding in Hindi?

Meaning of coinciding in Hindi is : संयोगात्मक

Definition of word coinciding

  • Present participle of coincide. (verb)
  • Act or situation by which things coincide; coincidence. (noun)

Examples of word coinciding

    • Salter, one of the pioneers of behavior therapy, distinguished between “inhibitory” and “excitatory” behaviors, the latter term coinciding with what we now call assertiveness.
    • Then the slump, the difficult years; the years when an acute appendicitis seemed to take a malevolent pleasure in coinciding with an ultimatum from the bank; when they tossed on the horns of the professional classes 'eternal dilemma whether to retrench openly, or to bluff things out for the sake of keeping up appearances in front of potential clients.
    • A name coinciding with a subject people turn to when they have ran out of rubbish small talk.
    • It should be out this year, with another Rage title coinciding with the main game's launch next year.
    • But should the District's ballot initiative pass, residents could elect the attorney general to a four-year term coinciding with the mayor's, starting in 2014.
    • Despite the phone call coinciding with his retirement, Vander Weide said he was stepping down to spend more time with his family and out of loyalty to commissioner
    • Additionally, in October 2010 the Company entered into three forward-starting swap agreements with notional amounts totaling $100 million and terms coinciding with the variable-rate terms of the Company's unsecured borrowings that begin in 2015 and 2016 and end with their maturity in 2035 and 2036.
    • The gains made up some of the losses posted in the previous session, when investors sold out of gold positions to meet margin calls coinciding with a sharp selloff in equities.